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Learn to Trade Stocks in Just 7 Minutes a Week
Today, investors have access to more analysis tools than ever - many even available for free on the Internet. However, you get what you pay for. The trick is to not only know how to properly use each tool, but - more importantly - which tool to use when.
Here is the bottom line: You can spend hours doing the research yourself or you could simply look over our shoulder as we trade the markets.
You simply sit back and wait for the next newsletter e-mail with all the details of our trade idea, including a sample screenshot of how to place your order if you decide that a trade is right for you. No wonder our members rave about us.
Keep It Simple!
"The simpler it is, the better I like it." Wise words from Peter Lynch, one of the most famous and successful portfolio managers of our time.
We 100% agree with Mr. Lynch, which is why we have created one the simplest ways to learn to trade the stock market. Every week, our Trading Team analyzes the 16,000+ stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) available in the U.S. stock market and finds the #1 stock or ETF that we feel is positioned for an outstanding trade opportunity. We then share that trade idea with our members in real-time.
Over the years, markets have become more and more erratic. "Buy and Hold" (or as we call it, "Buy and Hope") is simply not effective anymore. Instead, watch over our experts' shoulders as they initiate and manage a new stock or ETF trade every week. We will discuss in detail the logic behind every trade entry, adjustment and exit.
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No More Excuses!
The number one reason we hear why people are not taking control of their investment portfolio is, "I just don't have the time." We have come up with a solution that anyone - yes, anyone! - can do with just 7 free minutes a week! If you can't find 7 free minutes out of the 10,000 minutes you have every week, then you are simply not taking your financial future seriously. So, are you ready? No more excuses!
How Much Money Will I need?
Much less than you would think! An allocation of just a few hundred dollars per trade for this strategy will typically be enough to allow participation in each stock or ETF trade that we highlight and track. There can be no assurance that any individual trade will be successful, but our track record has certainly been impressive.
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